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daughter-seed by arielle tipa


daughter-seed is the recently published chapbook of Arielle Tipa, founder and chief editor of the literary magazine Occulum. daughter-seed is comprised of twenty poems that build a beautiful and dreamy landscape for the reader and the speaker. It’s also devastating, emotional, and introspective as it weaves narratives through the poems, connecting imagery, vocabulary, and even colors in a cohesive and more than enjoyable read.

Chapbooks are often brief and usually contain no more than thirty poems at a time. This doesn’t mean they can’t pack a full and powerful punch, as is the nature of poetry. daughter-seed certainly comes in full force, leaving you with daydreams to keep you preoccupied for the rest of the day. A few of my favorite imagery phrases were:

  • “rococo latticework” in i’m painting a hatred of you
  • “rose-pink glycerin soap” in zephyros
  • “stillborn catcall” in daughter-seed

Some themes you should expect to see are self-doubt, love of others, and the dynamics of relationships and connections with others. These themes continue through all these poems, detailing unique, deep connections between man and woman as well as woman and woman. An illustration of how love stretches far past the stereotypical chick flicks and romance, daughter-seed demonstrates the need and want between two people and the pleasure they can bring one another.

You can purchase daughter-seed at Empty Set Press for $12. The cover design is by Liza Corbett, Floralia (2017).

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